Amidst the dive bars, pickup trucks and shoestring guitars, shines an astral projection of laser beams and diamond stars – we are TUFFKROWD.

With more flavor than a TexMex Chinese buffet, TUFFKROWD aspires to satisfy appetites across the genre board. What began as a diverse movement of DJs, producers, bloggers and dance music enthusiasts, evolved an upstart label featuring an everlasting gobstopper of Texas-based talent.

Showcasing a wealth of third coast skills, TUFFKROWD is tickled to present its first release, TUFF KOMP: ROUND 1, a digital compilation of unreleased tracks by RUN DMT, DJ Oríon, Bro Safari, Retrovox, Moondoctor, Austrian Systems, and more . . .

Exclusively available as a free download on, A. Ward, RiCHARD.GEAR, eLstar, Sebastian Nebula invite you to taste the sounds of TUFFKROWD - because the crowd is tough and two parties are never enough!